Odd Jobs Squad

A new reality series is looking for a team of men who have what it takes to tackle any dirty, dangerous, or downright disgusting “odd job” that comes their way.

  • Cleaning out a hoarder’s home
  • Disposing of road kill
  • Castrating a flock of sheep
  • Demolishing a mobile home
  • There’s nothing they can’t do!

If you and your buddies have big bold personalities and the skill set to handle any odd job, we want to hear from you! (Must be 30+ to apply)

Reality TV


Are you a REAL ESTATE AGENT that deserves your very own REALITY SHOW?

Screaming Flea Productions is looking for the next big home real estate star for a brand new television series! We’re looking for industry professionals with energetic, bold personalities and an enthusiastic approach to their jobs.

If you have a dynamic personality and dream of sharing your story on a MAJOR CABLE NETWORK, we want to find out more about you!

Reality TV

Are you the next reality star?

Do people always say need your own reality show? Well now’s your chance to tell us why.

Screaming Flea Productions is on the hunt for reality TV’s next big star! We’re looking for individuals or families with big bold personalities, extreme lifestyles, unique businesses, or just all around great characters, who have what it takes to star in their own hit reality series.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, we want to hear from you!