30 and under & Divorcing
Millennials & Marriage

Are you a Millennial and Married?

What sort of unique challenges do you face as a Gen Y couple that Gen X'ers and the Baby Boomers have not had to deal with? Is it the challenging economy? As kids of the "divorce generation" do you lack role models? Is the white picket fence, a dog and 2.5 kids out? Or is the traditional marriage after a blow out wedding just not "IN" anymore?

Screaming Flea Productions is launching into a new production with a major cable network about millennials and marriage.

If you and your spouse feel you have a unique story to tell about your Gen Y marriage, please share your story.

Compensation will be provided.


Do you have a UNIQUE STYLE?

Screaming Flea Productions is casting for a cool new MAKEOVER SHOW with a MAJOR CABLE NETWORK!

Candidates Should Be:

  • Female
  • At least 27 years old
  • In the Greater Seattle Area
  • Have a unique style

The chosen applicant will be featured in our pilot episode and receive a one-of-a-kind makeover!